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Celebrating a Miracle Event
July 1, 2024 – 5:00 PM

For the past 11  years, City Center Transitional Living has been a sanctuary for homeless children and their parents, providing not just shelter but hope, stability, and a path to a brighter future. Facing a daunting $1.95 million debt on a second mortgage, the challenge seemed insurmountable. Yet, through unwavering faith and the combined efforts of a compassionate community, we have overcome it.

On July 1 at 5 PM, we will gather at City Center Transitional Living to celebrate this miraculous accomplishment. We invite everyone to join us for an evening of joy and gratitude as we share the inspiring story of how we achieved this goal. You will hear testimonies from those who have been instrumental in this journey, illustrating the power of unity and faith.

This celebration is a testament to what can be achieved when a community comes together with a shared purpose. We look forward to celebrating with you and expressing our heartfelt thanks to all who have contributed to this incredible journey. 

Join us to witness and be part of this beautiful story of hope, faith, and community. Everyone is welcome!

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