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Phase 1

  • Resident must obtain full-time employment (40 hrs/week) within the first 30 days.
  • Resident must acquire reliable transportation.
  • 20% of your income will be put into a savings account. You will be given the balance upon graduation.
  • 30% of your income goes to program fees – maximum $600 a month.
  • Resident must pay off all debt and get off all government funding.
  • There is a curfew unless you are working.
  • Residents must faithfully attend a local house of worship.

Mentoring Program

  • Mentors meet with their resident weekly, preferably in person.
  • Mentors refer resdients to the Bible when looking for life's answers.
  • Mentors are matched based on personality, prayer, and experience. We want our residents to be as successful as possible.
  • Mentors are tasked with keeping residents on track toward reaching their program milestones. 
  • Mentors coordinate with the City Center staff.

Graduate Program

  • Residents may have a part-time job as long as they are enrolled in fruitful vocational training or a college degree.
  • Residents must faithfully attend a local house of worship
  • There is NO curfew
  • Resident must remain debt free and off all government funding.
  • Program fees are a flat $600-$700.
  • 10% of your income will be put into a savings account. You will be given the balance upon graduation
  • You will still be required to be case managed and you will still be required to maintain your mentor relationaship.

Family Therapy

  • Is available as the course of therapy dictates.
  • Can involve non-immediate family members of the treatment team deems it essential.
  • May not be included in program fees.

Healing Phases

Drug and Alcohol Recovery

  • We partner with Celebrate Recovery, a faith-based recovery program.
  • Residents are given the tools to overcome their addiction in a holistic and integrative program

Physical Healing

  • All residents receive a complementary membership to the YMCA through their Community Scholarship Program
  • All residents are encouraged to cultivate good eating and exercise habits. 
  • Connections between lifestyle habits and mental health issues are explored in a safe environment.

Emotional Healing

  • Case Management, therapy & your personal time with the Lord, addresses your progress in emotional healing.
  • You are partners in your healing and expected to be as emotionally honest as possible.
  • Emotional Wellness is a foundational principle of our center.

Spiritual Healing

  • Residents are expected to engage in personal prayer daily.
  • Everything done at The City Center is covered with prayer.
  • For those new to Christ, the method and value of prayer is taught at every step of the person’s spiritual development.
  • It is required that all residents find and attend a house of worship within 30-60 days of entering The City Center.