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Phase 1

Everyone starts here. After an orientation, you will be assigned a room. Shortly thereafter you will be assigned a case manager, a mentor, and a therapist. They will meet and formulate a plan to get you rooted in Christ and back on your feet. Of course, you will have input but they will hold you accountable to be your best self in Christ.

To maintain your residency and successfully complete our program, the following requirements must be adhered to:
  • – Resident must obtain full-time employment (40 hrs/week) within the first 30       days.
  • – Resident must acquire reliable transportation.
  • – 20% of your income will be put into a savings account. You will be given the       balance upon graduation.
  • – 30% of your income goes to program fees – a maximum of $600 a month.
  • – Resident must pay off all debt and get off all government funding.
  • – There is a curfew unless you are working.
  • – Residents must faithfully attend a local house of worship.

Mentoring Program

  • – Mentors meet with their residents weekly, preferably in person.
  • – Mentors refer residents to the Bible when looking for life's answers.
  • – Mentors are matched based on personality, prayer, and experience. We want our residents to be as successful as possible.
  • – Mentors are tasked with keeping residents on track toward reaching their program milestones. 
  • – Mentors coordinate with the City Center staff.

Graduate Program

  • – Residents may have a part-time job as long as they are enrolled in fruitful vocational training or a college degree.
  • – Residents must faithfully attend a local house of worship
  • – There is NO curfew
  • – Resident must remain debt-free and off all government funding.
  • – 10% of your income will be put into a savings account. You will be given the balance upon graduation
  • – You will still be required to be case managed and you will still be required to maintain your mentor relationship.

Family Therapy

  • Is available as the course of therapy dictates.
  • Can involve non-immediate family members of the treatment team deems it essential.
  • May not be included in program fees.

Healing Phases

Drug and Alcohol Recovery

  • We partner with Celebrate Recovery, a faith-based recovery program.
  • Residents are given the tools to overcome their addiction in a holistic and integrative program

Physical Healing

  • All residents receive a complementary membership to the YMCA through their Community Scholarship Program
  • All residents are encouraged to cultivate good eating and exercise habits. 
  • Connections between lifestyle habits and mental health issues are explored in a safe environment.

Emotional Healing

  • Case Management, therapy & your personal time with the Lord, addresses your progress in emotional healing.
  • You are partners in your healing and expected to be as emotionally honest as possible.
  • Emotional Wellness is a foundational principle of our center.

Spiritual Healing

  • Residents are expected to engage in personal prayer daily.
  • Everything done at The City Center is covered with prayer.
  • For those new to Christ, the method and value of prayer is taught at every step of the person’s spiritual development.
  • It is required that all residents find and attend a house of worship within 30-60 days of entering The City Center.